Driving growth

We seek to make shopping for those everyday items, and life's little luxuries, easy. We continually focus on improving the retail proposition we offer to our customers. Consumers are influenced by the attractiveness of the shopping experience offered, which constitute a number of complementary drivers.

Drivers Key Initiatives
Our customers expect, and deserve, the highest level of service. We seek to push customer service to ever higher levels.
Consistent order reliability — on time and as ordered.

The combination of our centralised model and our proprietary software leads to high levels of reliability. Our systems have evolved following much iteration, to integrate and optimise all aspects of our customer fulfilment process.

Customers expect high stock availability and minimal substitutions, within a short time frame. Our deliveries are available next day, with same day delivery possible in some postcodes.

Proprietary integrated systems give control over the product logistics. This, combined with the scale of our CFCs, leads to structurally higher product availability. This reduces the chances of products being out of stock and minimises substitutions.

Ease of use
Convenience is a major driver to shopping online. The service needs to be quick, convenient and easy to use. Ordering anytime, anywhere, using the easiest of interfaces is very important.

Our in-house software development allows for the rapid introduction of new functionality, be it new website developments, the latest apps (we were the first grocer to launch a fully transactional app), or feedback mechanisms. Our customers are able to order using a mobile device or computer from any location at any time of day with the click of a button, with the widest range of slots within the narrowest delivery time window in the market.
Our customers want to feel that they receive good value and can save money by shopping online.
The automation and aggregation of our model strips out costs and increases efficiency. These savings allow us to offer products at compelling prices.

We invest in price matching initiatives to give consumers confidence about the cost competitiveness of their basket of shopping when bought at Ocado. We work hard with our suppliers to provide to our customers market leading promotions. Our strategy of increasing the numbers of products with different price points in the same category, particularly driven by the growth of the Ocado own-label, has resonated well with customers.
Customers seek access to a wide choice of products and will be more inclined to shop online where choice, and freshness, is greater. Offering more of the groceries each customer desires in one store reduces the need for a customer to visit elsewhere to complete their weekly shopping.
Our current range of over 28,000 SKUs gives us the largest offer of any UK supermarket.

We are increasing the number of product lines that we sell. Our business model and the facilities that we use allow us to expand our range with limited stockholding exposure. The expansion of some of our non-food categories — for the home, pets, babies and children, health and beauty products for all the family, and gifts — further reduces the need for customers to shop elsewhere for all of their daily essentials, and allows little luxuries to be bought at the same time.

As well as convenience, customers want the freshest produce.

The product life of all our fresh food is guaranteed. Our model effectively removes one stage of the grocery supply chain which, when combined with rapid stock turn means we often get product to customers the same or next day following receipt into our CFC. This can be quicker than other supermarkets get some of their product into their own stores. We offer a product guarantee giving confidence to customers that their groceries when delivered will have at least the life displayed on the website when they were bought.